Do You Know Cat Caving is Different from Cat Cocooning?

Cats sleep between 15 hours to twenty hours a day. When you bring a kitten home, the first night they will investigate their surrounding and be really active during the night. After breakfast you will find them heading to the slumber land. The reason why they sleep so much is because they have an instinct for hunting. Your cat will choose a very comfortable place and slowly fall asleep. During rainy season and cold weather times your cat will sleep a lot. If you are a cat lover you will have to understand why your cat sleeps a lot and then you should find them comfortable place to sleep. You can choose between cocoon cat bed and cat cave bed.

Cat Cave

cat cave bed

A cat cave is a modern house for modern cats. They are normally designed from wools which provide a cozy feeling to your cat. They are vast in number and each can be designed with specification that can just be as unique as your cat. They are made from sheep wools mostly and are made do that cats can play inside or on top. This means that your cat can scratch and bite without destroying their cave. As research concludes it is healthy for your pet to sleep in and very comfortable. The bed is usually cozy and cushions placed beneath it.

The cat cave is usually a happy home for your cat. There is warmth to enable resting. In nature cats are most scared of water and bath. With wool inside the cave it ensures your cat does not have to get a bath. It is said through research that wool has a self-cleaning capability and as you know, cats are very clean animals. Most cat caves are hand woven which makes them cheap for you cat. These caves are usually sheep wool which is durable for a long period of time.

Cat caves are usually a little flat. If your cat does not respond to sleeping in their new bought cave, move them to different spots where your cat might like them. Also ensure that while washing you need to wash with soap and water. Most of the cat caves cannot be placed in washing machines.

Advantages of Cat Caves

• They are soft and cozy thus make your cat happier at home.
• They are easy to clean as cats are dirty and wool doesn’t catch dirt fast.
• They are durable thus you don’t have to worry when you cat plays on or in it.
• They are usually hand-made and use natural resources which ensure your cat is healthy.

Cat Cocoon

A cocoon cat bed is a round shape hole where cats can play and sleep inside. They are like the cat caves with holes and convenient for hidey cats. They can be both hand woven or made from factories. They are called comfortable cat cocoon bed. Cocoon cat bed unlike cat caves are made for cats that that like tangling themselves inside warm paces like sheets or blankets. Cocoon Cat beds are sometimes made with both ends open, this encourages the cat to play and discover while it still offers security.

If you want to encourage the creativity of your cat, you need to get a cat cocoon. The cocoons are also made from wool which provides comfort and security. While cats doze they usually keep watch to enable them pounce off in case they are disturbed or scared away. The cocoon will let them sleep as long as you have put the cocoon cat bed in a good place. They will make it their home. Most of these cocoons are usually patterned and beautiful that can help decorate your house.

To Conclude

Sleep is very important for your cat. As a lover of cats you need to ensure your cat stays comfortable and feels at home. Do not let your cat sleep in random places because even people have beds. Let the cat have a place to rest and hide and call home. With the nature of your cat, you will choose between a cocoon and a cave. Cocoons will give the cat security and a place to play and rest. They are usually for cats who love hiding and they can help with creativity while playing. The cave for cats help cats rest and sleep comfortably. They provide a bed with cushion and even with time your cat will stop lying and sleeping on the carpet or seats because they will have somewhere to call home inside their home.