Why You Should Get a Cat Cave Bed?

cat cave beds

One of the most evident characteristics of cats is that they spend a significant part of the day sleeping. It is easily one of their favorite activities. Did you know that cats spend about two-thirds of their lives sleeping? For a 70-year-old human that is the equivalent of 47 years spent sleeping! For this reason, the best thing you can do for your beloved pet is get her a cat cave bed.

Cats love crawling and curling up under your softest pillows and blankets making themselves right at home. Your cat would appreciate it if they had a place of their own. Herein is a comprehensive overview of the reasons why you need a cave bed for your cat.

Advantages of Cat Cave Bed


If you are a keen observer of cats, you will most likely have noticed that they have a special favorite place where they can retreat when they need some quiet and peaceful time alone. A cat cave bed can serve as the place that your pet can calmly relax knowing that it is their own space.

A personal sleeping space will make the cat feel protected and safe. It also instills a sense of ownership in the feline. These factors can improve the relationship you have with your pet by making them feel more like a family member.


When cats fall asleep, they tend to curl up into balls or snuggle against their owners or other pets. The reason for this behavior is that they are seeking to retain optimal body heat. A cave bed can help your cat achieve this goal. This is more so important if you have a lone cat, aging cat, outdoor cat or sick cat. You can even invest in a heated bed for the winter months.

Sufficient heat is beneficial to your cat in a number of ways. A warm sleeping spot improves the health and mood of your pet. It can also help in the management of pain. Heat is instrumental in soothing sore muscles, can help with arthritis in the weaker joints as well as tension release.

If you have an older cat, she may be particularly prone to developing arthritis and muscle soreness as a result of gradual wear and tear. Warmth can help reduce pain in senior felines.

A warm bed can prevent illnesses in an interesting way. Did you know that extended exposure to low temperatures and winds can affect your cat’s immune system? A compromised immune system makes your pet susceptible to contracting feline colds and other conditions. Warmth can boost a cat’s immune system considerably.

If you want to reduce the trips to the vet and the familiar cat mood swings, you might want to get your cat a warm cave bed. In addition, cats that are already sick can combat viruses and heal faster if they stay warm and relaxed.

It is worth noting that the bed you use for the winter months should not be the same one used during hot summer months. Opt for lighter and breathable cat beds for the summer months so that your pet can keep cool while also sleeping in comfort.


Many pet owners do not realize that for their cat, curling up in its personal cozy and warm bed is as important and satisfying to them as sleeping in our bed every night is to us. You can try to imagine sleeping on a cold and hard surface each night to get the idea. The right bed for your feline companion facilitates better weight distribution as well as improved support for their bones and muscles during sleep.

The comfort that a cat bed provides also ensures that your cat experiences undisturbed sleep. The maintenance of good sleeping patterns in a cat results in a healthier and happier pet. A cave bed also offers another advantage over open-type cat beds. Have you ever noticed how cats, especially when they are still young, love to cuddle up in very enclosed spaces such as inside bowls or shoe boxes?

Apparently, there is an interesting scientific explanation for this phenomenon. It turns out that it is because tight spaces resemble the mother’s womb, where they felt most safe and comfortable. This behavior is an instinctive connection to the days before they came into the words. This makes a very good case for cave beds as an accessory that provides extra comfort for your pet.


All cat owners can attest to just how annoyingly picky these pets can be. The great thing about a cat bed is that you can move it around to areas of your cat’s preference.

Naturally, cats will prefer elevated sleeping spots in order to feel safer. This enables them to better analyze their environment. You can try moving the cat bed to a high surface and observe if your cat prefers lower or higher resting locations.


Loose fur and dander on sofas, pillows, blankets, and carpets is a problem that you have to deal with as a pet owner. Having a cat bed can reduce this problem significantly. It means that all the shed fur and dander are held in a single easy to clean location. Control over fur and dander results in less bedding to wash and change.

Disadvantages of a Cat Cave Bed


Your cat having a nice sleeping spot of its own means that you have to forego the benefits associated with sleeping with your pet. A number of studies have revealed specific benefits such as offering peace of mind, providing heat, helping you sleep better and relieving emotional stress.


When compared to other types of cat beds, cave beds are considerably more difficult to clean due to their distinct shape. Although each cave bed will be different, they generally possess a small opening on one or both ends. This makes it slightly difficult to clean the inner surfaces.

A cat cave bed is definitely a great accessory if you want a healthier and happier pet. There are certain factors that you should consider when looking for a cave bed. These include size, cover removability, portability, style, heating capabilities and texture.

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